Thoughts on “The Last of Us: Part II” Trailer

SPOILER WARNING: I will be revealing intense spoilers from the first The Last of Us game, so be wary if you have not completed it.
A mysterious hand plays guitar. Screenshot taken from the Official “The Last of Us: Part II” Trailer

The trailer opens with the traditional The Last of Us-esque vibe: gorgeous, yet eerie scenery and haunting music in the background. And if that isn’t enough nostalgia for you, they throw in a painting of the “Firefly” symbol (which I believe is there for an important reason, but I’ll explain that later).

Then we go straight to a clip of an unidentified person tuning and strumming a guitar. The person looks as if they have just finished a fight; their knuckles are bloodied and their shirt is similarly stained. I wish I had recorded my reaction the first time I watched the trailer because the next part had be reeling. The camera pans up to reveal a feminine face at the same time a female voice begins singing a version of the song “Through the Valley” by Shawn James, certainly a fitting song for the series. Upon looking up the original song’s lyrics, I couldn’t help but to notice this particular verse and it’s relevance to the game series:

Well I came upon a man at the top of a hill,

Call himself the savior of the human race.

Said he come to save the world from destruction and pain.

But I said, “How can you save the world from itself?” 

Does that give anyone else severe flashbacks to The Last of Us with the Fireflies’s plan to use Ellie as a cure and the way Joel reacts? I feel like we might get to hear Ellie finish the rest of the song in The Last of Us: Part II and that it could have more relevance that being just a song.

Ellie in The Last of Us: Part II. Screenshot taken from the Official The Last of Us: Part II Trailer.
Ellie and Joel from the first The Last of Us game. Screenshot from the official The Last of Us website.

If somehow, you doubted that the female is Ellie, the next part solidifies that fact. We are given a glimpse of the character’s face where Ellie’s iconic scar is easily recognizable. The camera then pans to follow Joel walking past numerous dead bodies as he makes his way to the room where Ellie is. The dialogue between the two characters certainly sets the tone for the game.

Joel: “What are you doing, kiddo? You really gonna go through with this?”

Ellie: “I’m gonna find and I’m gonna kill every last one of them.”

So let’s talk about the major things we can take from the trailer and talk game predictions. I believe that the “Firefly” painting was shown with purpose and it was placed to showcase that the Fireflies are still prevalent. So why are the fireflies being highlighted so much in this trailer? Let’s review their standing in the previous game:

  1. The Fireflies were a losing cause with dwindling recruit numbers and supplies.
  2. The Fireflies hoped to use Ellie to find a cure. This reminds me of the lyrics, “Well I came upon a man at the top of a hill, call himself the savior of this race. Said he come to save the world from destruction and paid.”  
  3. Then we have Joel who learns the full extent of the Fireflies plan and kills Marlene, one of their most prominent, if not, most prominent leader, along with dozens of other Fireflies. “But I said, ‘How can you save the world from itself?’ ” 
  4. At the end of the game, Joel tells Ellie that there are dozens of other people immune to turning and that the Fireflies hadn’t found a cure and had stopped looking for one.

So here comes my crazy, grandiose prediction.

The Last of Us ends with Ellie confessing to Joel that she feels she is the reason why Riley, Tess, and Sam died and that she is waiting for her turn. Ellie obviously feels a lot of regret for being immune since so many people she was close to have turned. Joel tells Ellie that the Fireflies weren’t able to the make a cure and had, therefore, given up.

I believe that another person Ellie was close to (Tommy, Maria, their child, etc.) dies due to turning and she becomes so outraged, with Joel’s help, at the Fireflies that she begins to seek them out and kill them (i.e. the human dead bodies in the trailer). Eventually, though, I think Ellie will learn the truth of what happened in the ending of the previous game: Joel killing Marlene and the Fireflies and Joel lying about there not being a cure.

Therefore, the grand finale to my theorizing is that by the end of The Last of Us: Part II, Ellie will kill Joel.

So what are your thoughts? Is this a plausible theory? Would Ellie do it? Or do you support the theory that Joel is actually dead and a figment of Ellie’s imagination? Drop some comments below and lets discuss!