Welcome to Birb Friends!

I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of Birb Friends! We’re a blog all about video games and the huge variety of experiences they encompass. All sorts of articles live here from all sorts of authors whose personal profiles you can view from the sidebar to the right. We’ll be putting out a new article every Tuesday with rotating authorship as much as possible so that content you enjoy is always on the way. If you like what we have to say, feel free to like, comment, follow, etc. to spread the word! If you don’t like what we have to say, leave us a comment or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Fly high and always remember, birds of a feather PLAY together.


Author: Shane Nichols

Founder and blogger at Birb Friends. I like a variety of games and celebrate game design that uses game mechanics to tell stories. You can catch me writing comparison posts, in depth game reviews, and game design articles, as well as with Noah Stites in our YouTube let's play show TheDPadShow.

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