Fire Emblem Fates: Story Deaths Pt. 1

[WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS!!!!  In case you couldn’t tell by the title some key parts of the endings will be spoiled for both FE Fates: Conquest and FE Fates: Birthright. No story components from the Revelation path will be spoiled so if you have yet to complete the story for Revelation but have completed the other two paths feel free to continue.]

So to jump into things, I will be discussing the sibling deaths that occur at the end of Birthright and Conquest or, in Azura’s case, end of both Birthright and Conquest.

To start off the sibling deaths, we have the Conquest deaths of Elise and Xander. These tie together so both of them will be discussed at once. Elise, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated deaths of the game. Everyone sees that she was willing to give up her life as, what she hoped to be, a sacrifice for peace, but there is one key aspect I feel everyone overlooks. Elise asks Xander before she dies to “Lay down your sword for me.” which is obviously a request to stop fighting and look for peace without the use of violence. When we look deeper, this is more of a desperate plea from Elise. She is pleading with Xander to stop, and she feels the need to plea so desperately because, in her eyes, Xander values his sword more than her own life.

Elise dying in with Xander by her side. (Image credit to LáskaLight on YouTube and developer of Fire Emblem Fates, Intelligent Systems)

If you read Xander and Camilla’s support conversations, you will see that Camilla addresses the fact that Xander is too distant from the family because of the war. Camilla continues to point out that Elise never goes to Xander for anything because she feels he is too busy; thus she goes to Camilla with her problems instead. Xander then goes to prove that, after all this time, he really has been paying attention to his other siblings. He even knows specific details about each of his siblings including their favorite foods, desserts, and other minor things that Camilla never thought he even bothered to pay attention to. But the problem here is… Xander never once told Elise any of this. Even on her deathbed, Elise felt like she meant nothing to Xander. Elise hoped that Xander would at least be willing to listen t0 her dying words, and if they weren’t her dying words she thought  they would mean nothing to him.

Elise also believed that Xander would be able to go on living with the knowledge that he was responsible for her death. Little did she know that Xander would later go to give his own life for what he had done. Most see his sacrifice as a sort of repentance for his failure to defend his country, but I believe that he forfeited his life because he didn’t want to bear the pain of his guilt over Elise any longer.



Author: AriaOfThePlanets

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